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As a T2 participant, you'll be asked to raise money to help fight AIDS. The funds you raise will benefit AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), one of the nation's largest and oldest AIDS service organizations, which offers direct care to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention and testing, and vigorous advocacy on HIV/AIDS-related public policy issues. With the help of T2's fundraising team, you'll meet -- and maybe even exceed -- your fundraising goal. Let us show you how!

Fundraising FAQs

How much money do I need to raise to be in the T2 program?

The fundraising requirement for your participation in the T2 training endurance event program is determined by your chosen event:

Nautica Malibu Triathlon - $2100
XTERRA Trail Running World Championship - $3200
Honolulu Marathon - $3200

What is the deadline to raise this amount of money?

The fundraising deadline differs for each event and are as follows:

Nautica Malibu Triathlon – June 15, 2012
XTERRA Trail Running World Championship - October 1, 2012
Honolulu Marathon – October 1, 2012

How will I raise this much money?

If raising money concerns you, you are not alone. It is often the biggest concern of participants in the T2 program. That's why our T2 staff is trained to support you in your fundraising efforts. Each staff member and many of the coaches have raised thousands of dollars as participants in this program.

We offer many tools, including:

•    Your own online fundraising page on the TEAM2ENDAIDS.com Web site. You can upload photos, keep a blog, and customize your page with messages to your donors.

•    We provide sample letters, event information, and tools to get you started and keep you going.

Why do I need to raise money?

T2 is both a training and fundraising program, and each holds equal importance. In order to provide you with a comprehensive training program to prepare you for your event, we must raise the money required to pay for all the services you will receive to meet your fundraising and training goals. Once you register and begin your T2 journey, you will begin to see the many services and support features we offer as part of this program. And you'll hear from clients at APLA -- whose lives you're changing through your efforts. We keep our costs low, so the most amount of money goes to fund the fight against AIDS.

Where will the money I raise go?

Your fundraising dollars will literally provide food, housing assistance, in-home care, dental services, and much more to thousands of low-income people who rely on APLA for these essentials. The donations you collect will also support APLA's HIV prevention network -- the largest of its kind in L.A. County – that aims to stop the epidemic where it hits hardest. And you'll allow APLA to continue the fight for fair, effective HIV-related public policy at all levels of government. You'll provide care, comfort, and so much more to Angelenos who are affected by HIV/AIDS.

What happens if I don't raise the money?

We will work with you in every way possible to help you raise the money required by the deadlines listed above. Ensuring that you meet your fundraising goals is one of our top priorities! We have a convenient structure in place for you to place any outstanding balance on a debit/credit card. Then, you will have up to three months after your chosen event to raise this balance, and we'll credit back your account for what you raise up to the amount that you were charged. With the support of our fundraising team and tools, you'll easily meet – and even exceed -- your fundraising goal. 

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TEAM TO END AIDS -- Los Angeles | The David Geffen Center: 611 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90005 213.201.1400 : T2EA@apla.org

TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) is a marathon and endurance training program benefiting AIDS Project Los Angeles.

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