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A Warm Libation, David Anson RussoThe Birdcage, David Anson Russo

Art Project Los AngelesDavid Anson Russo is recognized as one of the world’s premier creative artists. He has enjoyed success in every media he has lent his considerable talents to including fine art, commercial art, television, animation, publishing and more. An innovator for over thirty years, his newest artistic brand What a Great Life is captivating audiences everywhere.

Art Project Los AngelesThough he had little formal art training, David Anson Russo captured the attention of the professional creative community in the early 1990s with his dramatic maze designs, children’s book art, and illustrated alphabets, resulting in 30 licensing deals and over 80 product designs worldwide. Prestigious magazines such as Print, Art Direction and Upper & Lower Case covered his unique style while his commissioned work was in constant demand by magazines, newspapers, television, and advertisers. His “Absolut Amazement” ad was one of the most popular and largest in the Absolut Vodka Artist series and MAD Magazine asked him to create a cover portrait of Alfred E. Newman for their coveted 1993 Collector’s Edition, Spy vs Spy foldout poster and more. His most recent ad campaign was for Sony’s Playstation 2.

Art Project Los AngelesIn 1990 he signed a 7 book contract with Simon & Schuster—later expanded to 11 books—which at the time was the largest book deal for a first-time author across two divisions at the venerable publishing house. He also ran his own art gallery Fundimensional Art Gallery in Maui on Front Street prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue the next phase in his career-television.

Art Project Los AngelesTelevision was a natural segue for David Anson Russo, who has helped create over a dozen television properties and serve as Creator and Executive Producer. These include Combat Missions (2002, Mark Burnett Productions); Magic Johnson’s Whose Got Game (2003, MTV), What Lies Below (2005, Discovery), Hey Paula (2007, BRAVO, Paula Abdul) and just sold his next reality series (League of Their Own). He continues to create original television properties.

Art Project Los AngelesSince David Anson Russo debuted his newest art innovation What A Great Life in 2012, he has been busy meeting the demand for commissioned pieces and building out the brand. He is also donating his time to high-profile charitable events where he creates full size original What A Great Life paintings during live appearances while crowds watch. 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the original paintings are then donated to the charity. His maze artwork is continually touring North America, Art Project Los Angelesbeing showcased in museums and generating new licensed products.

David Anson Russo currently lives in Los Angeles, has four children and holds a fourth degree Black Belt in Jujitsu. He applies the discipline, concentration and inspiration inherent in martial arts training to his every endeavor. To view more work, please go to: